Prayer to the Holy Fathers of Optina

by Anonymous

O divine community of holy fathers, ye God-bearing elders of Optina, in the angelic life ye have shone forth upon the earth and are glorified in the heavenly city! We know that in the days of your earthly service no one departed from you empty and disconsolate, for ye were all things to all men: healers to the ailing, strength to the doubting, comforters to the sorrowful; for the grace of abundant healing, clairvoyance, the curing of infirm souls, was shown to be in you. But also now for all of us ye are mediators, and for our suffering homeland ye are unceasing intercessors, for it is given to you to pray for us ever before the throne of God. Look down, then, from the celestial glory and see your flock, which ye fed on the pasturage of the teachings of Christ, for it is troubled and laid low and plundered by soul-corrupting wolves; in your kindness visit us who are weak and helpless, seek those who have gone astray, gather the dispersed, convert the deceived, and unite them to the Holy Catholic and Apostolic church; teach the youth, support the aged, keep those in wedlock in peace and concord, defend those in the monastic life from all the snares of the enemy. Hearken unto us, O divine physicians of souls, and guide us on the path of repentance, that, following after your words, we may offer ourselves and all our life into the hands of the great compassion of God, that His will may direct our thoughts and feelings in all our deeds and words. Stretch forth unto us a helping hand, O all-blessed fathers, and teach us to pray, to believe, to hope, to be patient, to forgive, and to love; that, walking thus in the Lord’s commandments, we may be vouchsafed, through your intercession, eternal joy in the kingdom of heaven, where together with you we may glorify God, Who is wondrous in His saints, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, unto the ages.


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