Orthodox Christianity is rich in its experience and understanding of the “human condition.” Its writings and teachings are ancient but still fresh and relevant to all of us no matter what condition we find ourselves in. Indeed, as Saint John of Kronstadt writes: “in the Church is the breathing of the Holy Spirit.” Below is a list of  categories in our Library. They contain a cross section of  the wisdom from the Church over the ages and information concerning our parish life. It is our hope that everyone will find some benefit.

Parish Bulletins ~ St. Vladimir’s parish bulletins, including scheduled services, information on gatherings and retreats, and other items of local interest.

Parish Life ~ The local Parish is the heart of  spiritual life. In many ways it is a family in and of itself. We have the same trials and joys shared among ourselves as we do in our immediate families. Here are some of the events in the life of our parish family.

Orthodox Family Life ~ The Orthodox family is a pillar of Christian life. It has become especially difficult to maintain a regular Christian family life in our modern times. Here is a selection of resources concerning families that we have found useful and interesting.

Spiritual Life & Christian Practices ~ The praxis of Orthodox Christianity, the spiritual life. Articles on the unseen warfare the Orthodox Christian faces in daily life, encouragement to struggle for salvation, instruction in spiritual growth and consolation in sorrows. Articles include the classic “Principles for a Pious Life” and the inspiring lecture “On the Modern World” by Vladika Averky.

Orthodox Christianity & Theology ~ Articles, homilies, lectures and books pertaining to the Holy Apostolic and Catholic faith. Here you will find information regarding the practices and traditions of Holy Orthodoxy, the doctrines of the Orthodox Church, and the history of Orthodox Christianity. Among many other texts, you will find Dr. Kalomiros’s “The River of Fire” and a number of articles on ecumenism and the position of the Orthodox Church in the modern world.

Orthodox Christian Prayers ~ As Christians, we are all called to frequent, even unceasing, prayer. Here you will find some simple prayers useful throughout the course of the day and the week.

Community & History ~ The history of St. Vladimir’s, the biographies of her bishops, and other articles particularly relevant to our community.

Epistles & Articles of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad ~ The writings of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad provide a clear depiction of the course and position of Russian Orthodoxy through the last century, including the letters of Metropolitan Anthony, Anastassy, Philaret and Vitaly.


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