Schedule ~ April 2023

Schedule of Services

Saint Vladimir’s Russo-Greek Orthodox Church
6824-128th Ave. Edmonton, AB  T5C 1S7        Church phone: 780.476.2381
Archpriest Andrew Kencis, Rector ~ e-mail: [email protected]
Saturday or Festal Evening Vigils at 6:00 PM / Sunday or Feast Day Divine Liturgies at 10:00 AM
Confessions heard during the evening vigils.

If this is your first time to our parish please talk to the priest before coming for Holy Communion

(Dates given as follows: Civil Calendar [n.s.] /Church Calendar [o.s.] )




Wisdom from the Holy Fathers

During times of relative ease and minimal labour, we submit to the will of God often without a second thought. However, when it comes to matters of heavier importance – the loss of money, honour, health – here we see do-nothingness, contradictions, and a great insubordination of the human will. In such situations, we encounter our true desires or lack of desires. Why do we, weak ones, vainly battle against our circumstances? The will of God abides forever and will abide forever, like a high mountain. We cannot put it to ourselves, but it will rather pull us to itself. Would we not laugh if someone were to tie a ship to a cliff, expecting the ship to move it? Instead, the ship would merely come closer to the cliff. Our foolishness is no less laughable if we, being dependent on God’s will, try obstinately to pull God’s will toward ourselves, wanting it to submit to us, and not the other way around.

                                 ~St. John of Tobolsk, The Sunflower: Conforming the Will of Man to the Will of God

Sat. Apr. 1 / Mar. 19
Sun. Apr. 2 / Mar. 20
~St. Mary of Egypt
Thu. Apr. 6 / Mar. 24
Fri. Apr. 7 / Mar. 25
Sat. Apr. 8 / Mar 26
Sun. Apr. 9 / Mar. 2
Entry of the Lord Jesus Christ Into Jerusalem
Holy Wednesday to Holy Saturday
Apr 12, n.s. to Apr 15, n.s.PASCHA SUNDAY on Apr 16, n.s.
HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE  (click here)

PASCHA SERVICE begins at Midnight Sunday

Sat. Apr. 22 / Apr. 9
Sun. Apr. 23 / Apr. 10
Thomas Sunday
Sat. Apr. 29 / Apr. 16
Sun. Apr 30 / Apr. 17
Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women
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