Holy Week Services 2023


Holy Wednesday
April 12 n.s.
7:00 PM Holy Unction Service
(Not administered to children under 7 years old.)
Holy Thursday
April 13, n.s.
10.00 AM Vespers & Liturgy of St. Basil
6:00 PM Matins with Twelve Passion Gospels
Holy Friday
April 14, n.s.
8:00 AM Royal Hours & Typika
2:00 PM Vespers with the Bringing out of the Shroud (Plashchanitza).
Small Compline. Confessions.
6:00 PM Lamentation Matins & First Hour. Confessions.
Holy Saturday
April 15, n.s.
12 Noon Vespers & Liturgy of St. Basil
8:00 PM Acts of the Apostles is read by the faithful in any language.
11:30 PM Midnight Office
  • PASCHA SUNDAY April 16, n.s.   12 o’clock Midnight The Holy Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

    • Procession around the Church
    • Paschal Matins & Hour
    • Paschal Liturgy
    • Blessing of the Artos and Eggs
    • Blessing of the Baskets (downstairs)
    • Festal Meal following.




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