Epistles from the GOC hierarchy


Sermon by Metropolitan Demetrius from March 16/29 2020

This is an audio clip from a livestream on March 16/29 2020 The Metropolitan called in to St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Monastery and gave a homily via phone to the monks and to all of the faithful listening live online. Metropolitan Demetrius addresses the flock concerning the Gospel […]


Third Video Message of Metropolitan Demetrius to the Faithful

Metropolitan Demetrius of America addresses the flock a third time encouraging them to pray in their homes if they are not able to get to church; and on prayers “for those who are absent with a reasonable cause.”  


Follow-up letter to the flock regarding the Coronavirus from the Eparchial Synod of America (G.O.C.)

 ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΟΣ ΠΑΡΑΔΟΣΙΑΚΗ ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ ΤΗΣ ΑΜΕΡΙΚΗΣ  ΙΕΡΑ ΕΠΑΡΧΙΑΚΗ ΣΥΝΟΔΟΣ Γ.Ο.Χ. ΕΝ ΑΜΕΡΙΚῌ  HELLENIC ORTHODOX TRADITIONALIST CHURCH OF AMERICA  HOLY EPARCHIAL SYNOD OF THE G.O.C. IN AMERICA  March 7/20, 2020 The Holy Hieromartyrs of Cherson  Protocol no.  2020-2 Beloved Clergy and Faithful,  This letter is a follow-up to the recently published […]


Encyclical Concerning the Divine Liturgy and Divine Communion at a Time When the Coronavirus is Spreading

  Hellenic Republic Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece The Holy Synod Protocol No. 3022 Athens, February 29/March 13, 2020 Encyclical Concerning the Divine Liturgy and Divine Communion at a Time When the Coronavirus is Spreading   Beloved Fathers and Brethren in Christ; Beloved Children in the Lord: The […]


Keeping The Faith – A Lenten Message by Metropolitan Demetrius, 2020

In this short video, Metropolitan  Demetrius (G.O.C.) of America  sends a message to the faithful concerning the coronavirus stressing that although it is necessary for us to take all the proper precautions to assure that we do not contract the virus by lack of cleanliness, Holy Communion is the mystery […]


Paschal message for 2019

Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of GreeceThe Holy SynodPaschal Message for 2019 “Come, receive ye light from the unwaning Light,and glorify Christ, Who is arisen from the dead.” Beloved Fathers and Brethren, children in the Risen Lord:       On this radiant and glorious Feast of Feasts and Festival of […]

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