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For There Must Also be Heresies Among You by Archbishop Averki

This article deals with the scriptural concept of heresy in the context of modern ecumenism and “world orthodoxy” How does one properly understand these words of the Holy Apostle Paul? Does he really approve of dissensions among Christians or recognize them as necessary or desirable? Is he making them the […]


What are the Goals of Ecumenism?

by Hiermonk Sava (of Serbia) This article speaks against the ambitions and motivations of the global Ecumenical movement. The fundamental goal and the primary task of the ecumenical movement is to re-interpret Christianity—or, in other words, to annihilate Orthodoxy completely. The dialogue between various Christian confessions—as, also, the dialogue between […]


A Brief History of The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad is the continuation of the historic Russian Orthodox Church which existed for centuries in Russia until the 1920s, when it was abolished by the atheist Soviet government. Initially, many thought the Communist regime would not endure, and then-Patriarch Tikhon mandated his most senior bishop, Metropolitan […]

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