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Bishop Sava of Edmonton

In our modern secular society it is often difficult for us to practice even the most elementary Christianity.  How, then, can we not marvel at one who not only overcame the seductions of the world, but completely dedicated himself to Christ and persevered through even the most difficult circumstances?  Truly, […]


Archbishop Ioasaph, Enlightener of Canada

Brief life of Archbishop Ioasaph, founder of St. Vladimirs church, Edmonton from “The Orthodox Word”, March-April 1968 It was Novgorod the Great that nourished and formed the future hierarch-enlightener of Canada. Vanya (diminutive form of Ioann-John) Skorodumoff [in English, “Quick thinker”] was born on January 14, 1888, the son of […]


St. Vladimir’s is received under Bishop Andronik

St. Vladimir’s parish has been received under the omophorion of Bishop Andronik of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, joining those who remain independent and separate from the Moscow Patriarchate. On Saturday, March 1, 2008, the parish of St. Vladimir’s in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, made a very important decision. […]

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