Schedule ~ March 2018

Schedule of Services

Saint Vladimir’s Russian Orthodox Church
6824-128th Ave. Edmonton, AB  T5C 1S7        Church phone:(780) 476.2381
Archpriest Andrew Kencis, Rector ~ e-mail:
Saturday or Festal Evening Vigils at 6:00 PM / Sunday or Feast Day Divine Liturgies at 10:00 AM
Confessions heard during the evening vigils.
(Dates given as follows: Civil Calendar [n.s.] /Church Calendar [o.s.] )
Great Lent begins on Monday, Feb. 27, n.s.

Wisdom from the Holy Fathers

How mistaken are those people who seek happiness outside of themselves, in foreign lands and journeys, in riches and glory, in great possessions and pleasures, in diversions and vain things, which have a bitter end! It is the same thing to construct the tower of happiness outside of ourselves as it is to build a house in a place that is consistently shaken by earthquakes. Happiness is found within ourselves, and blessed is the man who has understood this. Happiness is a pure heart, for such a heart becomes the throne of God. Thus says Christ of those who have pure hearts: “I will visit them, and will walk in them, and I will be a God to them, and they will be my people.” (II Cor. 6:16) What can be lacking to them? Nothing, nothing at all! For they have the greatest good in their hearts: God Himself! ~St. Nektarios of Aegina, Path to Happiness




Sat. March 3/Feb. 18
Sun. March 4/Feb. 19
Second Sunday of Great Lent
St. Gregory Palamas
Sat. March 10/Feb. 25
Sun. March 11/Feb. 26
Third Sunday of Great Lent
Veneration of the Cross
Sat. March 17/ March 4
Sun. March 18/ March 5
Fourth Sunday of Great Lent
St. John of the Ladder
Wed. March 22/March 9 Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete / Reading of the life of Saint Mary of Egypt

6:00 PM

Sat. March 24/ March 11
Sun. March 25/March 12
Fifth Sunday of Great Lent
St. Mary of Egypt

Schedule for Holy Week

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