Schedule ~ December 2017

Schedule of Services

Saint Vladimir’s Russian Orthodox Church
6824-128th Ave. Edmonton, AB  T5C 1S7        Church phone:(780) 476.2381
Archpriest Andrew Kencis, Rector ~ e-mail:
Saturday or Festal Evening Vigils at 6:00 PM / Sunday or Feast Day Divine Liturgies at 10:00 AM
Confessions heard during the evening vigils.
(Dates given as follows: Civil Calendar [n.s.] /Church Calendar [o.s.] )
Great Lent begins on Monday, Feb. 27, n.s.




On Those Who Make a Tumult in Church and Leave it Before the End of the Service

Some draw near (to Holy Communion), not with trembling but with commotion, crowding one another, quarrelling, shouting, grumbling, jostling their neighbors, full of disorder. I have myself often spoken of this and shall not give up speaking. You know the good order that prevails at the pagan Olympic Games, when the Master of Ceremonies goes round the stadium with a wreath on his head, clad in long robes and with a staff in his hand, and the crier calls for quiet and order. Is it not scandalous that there, where the devil holds sway, there should be such quietness, and where Christ invites men to Himself, there should be great tumult? Silence in the stadium and shouting in the church! Quietness on the sea but a storm in the harbour! When you are invited to dinner, you do not presume to leave the table before the other, even if you have finished first; but here, until the terrible mysteries of Christ are completed, while divine service is still in progress; do you leave in the middle and go away? How can that be forgiven? How can it be put right? Judas received communion at the Mystical Supper on the last night, and went out quickly while the rest were still at table – an example that is followed by those who hurry away before the final blessing.~ St. John Chrysostom (From a Homily on Theophany)


Sat. Dec. 2/Nov. 19
Sun. Dec. 3/Nov. 20
Forefeast of the Entry of the Theotokos / St. Gregory the Decapolite
Sun. Dec. 3/Nov. 20
Mon. Dec. 4/Nov. 21
Feast of the Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple
Sat. Dec. 9/Nov. 26
Sun. Dec. 10/Nov. 27
Great Martyr James the Persian / Kursk Root Icon of the Theotokos
Sat. Dec. 16/Dec. 3
Sun. Dec. 17/Dec. 4
Great Martyr Barbara and Martyr Juliana / St. John Damascene
Mon. Dec. 18/ Dec. 5
Tues. Dec. 19/ Dec. 6
St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker
of Myra in Lycia
Sat. Dec. 23/Dec. 10
Sun. Dec. 24/Dec. 11
Sunday of the
Holy Forefathers
Sun. Dec. 24/Dec. 11
Mon. Dec. 25/Dec. 12
St. Herman Wonder-worker Of Alaska & Synaxis of Martyrs of Alaska / St. Spyridon Wonder-worker of Trimythus
Sat. Dec. 30/Dec. 17
Sun. Dec. 31/Dec. 18
Sunday of the Holy Fathers


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