Spiritual Life and Christian Practices


Instructions by St. Anatoly of Optina

Elder Anatoly had a gift of prophesy, and clearly understood the impending trials that Christians would have to face in the last times, the era of the apocalypse, due to “poverty in piety” and a lack of true hierarchs.  These instructions bespeak his tremendous love and concern for the faithful […]


The Insights of Holy Abba Pambo

Excerpt: “Their soul will be spilled out among them, and will become alienated from its Heavenly Prototype. For this reason the Holy Fathers had previously encouraged the monks of the desert to write down the lives of the Fathers not onto parchment, but onto paper, because the coming generation will […]


On The Modern World by Vladika Averki

“For us modern Christians faith, for the most part, is being divorced from life.” Vladika Averki is most sober in his asessment of contemporary Christianity, and calls us away from “dancing on the grave of Russia” to true repentance and a fundamental reformation of our lives to the Christian ideal. […]


Introduction to the Lives of the Saints by Fr. Justin Popovich

This is a excerpt Taken from Orthodox Faith and Life in Christ, by Father Justin Popovich. EULOGY IN MEMORY OF FR. JUSTIN (POPOVICH) Until the coming of the Lord Christ into our terrestrial world, we men really knew only about death and death knew about us. Everything human was penetrated, […]


The Lord in the Guise of a Woman

by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich Bishop Nikolai discusses the several parables in which the Lord is symbolized by a woman. He explains that women generally have a couple of qualities that men do not: carefulness over property, and labour for love and not fiscal gain. Bishop Nikolai’s exegesis extends our understanding […]


On Spiritual Learning

Originally written by I.M. Kontzevich as an introduction to the letters of Elder Macarius of Optina, this essay on spiritual knowledge and learning explains the dangers of studying the works of the Holy Fathers for any other reason than for the love of Truth itself. At the basis of every […]

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