A Letter From Metropolitan Philaret to Fr. Victor Potapov of the Church Abroad Concerning Father Dimitry Dudko and the Moscow Patriarchate

A letter addressing appropriate relations with the MP, and the ecclessiological position of the Church in Exile. Dear Father Victor, For a long time now I have been intending to write a few words to you, but somehow I haven’t managed to get around to it. But at last I […]


St. Vladimir’s is received under Bishop Andronik

St. Vladimir’s parish has been received under the omophorion of Bishop Andronik of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, joining those who remain independent and separate from the Moscow Patriarchate. On Saturday, March 1, 2008, the parish of St. Vladimir’s in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, made a very important decision. […]


Declaration to Christians of the Free World

While the Moscow Patriarchate sat in stony silence in the face of an unprecedented persecution of Orthodox Christians and the use of cruel and unusual psychiatric tortures, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia issued an epistle appealing to the conscience of the world, and calling for prayers for the […]


A Letter from Metropolitan Philaret

The following is part one of a rather strong letter written by Metropolitan Philaret to Abbess Magdalena of Lesna. It is “strict ecclesiology” expressed most eloquently. A clear witness of the teachings of the Holy Church is evident. It should be noted that this letter was composed after the “Sorrowful […]


Epistle of Metropolitan Vitaly on the State of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

An epistle of the first hierarch from March 1998, clearly stating his views on world Orthodoxy, the Moscow Patriarch, and the ROCA.  A must read in view of the current situation of our church. from St. Vladimir`s Russian Orthodox Information Center As archpastor of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, […]


The Paschal Epistle of Metropolitan Vitaly

The epistle of Metropolitan Vitaly, the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, Bishop of Montreal and All Canada, delivered on Pascha 2001. Remember, my dear ones, that as a bird is held up and flies through the air using two wings, so we can spiritually live and strive […]


An Epistle of Metropolitan Vitaly

This is an unofficial translation of the recent epistle of Metropolitan Vitaly. Message of His Eminence the Metropolitan Vitaly First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Venerable Archpastors! Beloved Fathers, brothers and sisters! It is with the aim of preserving peace and unity among us that I address myself […]


Akathist for Holy Communion

An akathist to be read as part of the prayers said in preparation for Holy Communion.


A Brief History of The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad is the continuation of the historic Russian Orthodox Church which existed for centuries in Russia until the 1920s, when it was abolished by the atheist Soviet government. Initially, many thought the Communist regime would not endure, and then-Patriarch Tikhon mandated his most senior bishop, Metropolitan […]

Russian Orthodox service of the Resurrection

Pascha 2011

A few photos from our 2011 celebration of Our Lord’s Resurrection! (Click to advance photos or let the slide show work automatically.)

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