Schedule ~ June 2019

Schedule of Services

Saint Vladimir’s Russian Orthodox Church
6824-128th Ave. Edmonton, AB  T5C 1S7        Church phone:(780) 476.2381
Archpriest Andrew Kencis, Rector ~ e-mail:
Saturday or Festal Evening Vigils at 6:00 PM / Sunday or Feast Day Divine Liturgies at 10:00 AM
Confessions heard during the evening vigils.
(Dates given as follows: Civil Calendar [n.s.] /Church Calendar [o.s.] )

Fish is allowed on the Feasts of the Annunciation and Palm Sunday.  A fast-free week follows the Feast of Pascha.




“Happiness can only be achieved by looking inward and learning to enjoy whatever life has, and this requires transforming greed into gratitude” ~St. John Chrysostom


“The Holy Scripture teaches: Pray without ceasing,(1 Thess. 5:17). How is this possible for people living in a secular world? If you are to pray all the time, how then are you to perform your other duties? The advice of perpetual prayer is directed not toward outward but toward inner prayer. If desired, you can turn to God internally whether you are alone or with others. Only he who does not want to pray will not find time for prayer” ~St. Innocent of Alaska



Sat. June 1/May 19
Sun. June 2/May 20
Sixth Sunday of Pascha
Sunday of the Blind Man-no services-
Wednesday, June 5/May 23
Thursday, June 6/May 24
Ascension of the Lord

-no  services-

Sat. June 8/May 26
Sun. June 9/May 27
Sunday of the
First Ecumenical Council
Sat. June 15/June 2
Sun. June 16/June 3
Feast of Pentecost

-fast-free week follows-

Sat. June 22/June 9
Sun. June 23/June 10
Sunday of All Saints
Sat. June 29/ June 16
Sun. June 30/June 17
All Saints of Russia

-no services-

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