Complete ‘at-home’ Readers Services for the Entirety of Holy Week

Unfortunately due to the present restrictions ALL public services are cancelled until further notice.

For those who are taking part in “Streamed services” and those who are simply reading the services at home we are providing the following:

Complete ‘At-home’ Readers Services for the Whole of Holy Week:

  • Palm Sunday: Reader’s Vigil for Saturday evening and Typica in place of the Palm Sunday Liturgy, with all festal hymnography incorporated.
  • The evenings of Holy Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: The complete text of the ‘Bridegroom Matins’ for each of the initial evenings of Holy Week.
  • Holy Thursday: The Hours and Typica in place of the Liturgy of the Institution of the Mystical Supper and the Lord’s washing of His disciples’ feet; Vespers; and the evening service of the Twelve Passion Gospels — including the full text of the twelve readings themselves, for those who do not have a liturgical Gospel book at home.
  • Holy Friday: The Royal Hours of Pascha; the afternoon Vespers of the Burial of the Lord; and the evening service of Matins with the Lamentations at the tomb of Christ — including sheet music for singing
  • Holy Saturday: Hours, Typica and Vespers of the Resurrectional Sabbath, including the 15 Old Testament readings of the Resurrection; and the Paschal Midnight Office that leads into Pascha itself.


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